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Huadun was founded in June 2012. It currently has 6 Alibaba stores on Alibaba, and it is still growing. It has 3 US warehouses, 1 Canadian warehouse, and European warehouses are under construction.

If you have the same ideas as us, please read the following requirements carefully:

● We need you to fill in and provide detailed information of your personal or company.

● You should do a preliminary market research and evaluation at the intended market, and then make your business plan, which is an important document for you to obtain our authorization.

● Agree with and accept the operation mode of Wharton's business system

● You need to prepare an initial investment plan of 5,00-10,00 US dollars for the first purchase of a small amount of products and to expand the local market.

Join Process

Fill in the application form of intention to join

Preliminary negotiation to determine cooperation intention

Factory visit, inspection/VR factory

Detailed consultation, interview and assessment

Sign contract

Join Advantage


Brand Influence

With monthly sales of 500,000 pieces, itis a well-known brand in the field of sublimation


Drop Shipping

Commitment to use FedEx or UPS to deliver goods within 24 hours of the US warehouse, without backlog of funds, to ensure your fast payment and capital turnover.


Research And Development

Professional R&D department, more than 20 new products are updated every year


Quality Control

Three QC processes, strict control from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products.



Facebook fan interaction, Tik Tok live streaming. increase revenue